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Have you struggled to grow your business?

Has income or getting more clients ever been an issue?

Does it seem that a wrench gets thrown in your business, or

Your Family Entanglements and Childhood Imprints may be the culprit.


Family Entanglements are patterns and problems that have gotten passed down through the generations, that affect business and income.

Childhood Imprints are negative patterns that we pick up during childhood, which also affect our business and our income.

These two are the major culprits behind self-sabotage and “getting in one’s own way.”


If you have a persistent or pesky problem that shows up more than once in your life, an Entanglement or Imprint is usually the culprit.

That’s why I created the Entanglements and Imprints Crash Course.

This is an 4 session, online webinar course, to help you get to the bottom of which Entanglements and Imprints might be holding you back, and to help you address them.


During the Entanglements and Imprints Crash Course you will:

  • Discovery what causes Entanglements and Imprints
  • Learn how Entanglements and Imprints work, and how they affect you over your lifetime (one effect: they limit what you can attract and manifest)
  • Uncover which Entanglements and Imprints may be holding you back.
  • Receive Mini Disentanglement and Re-Imprinting sessions, to help you break free


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