How To Participate in the Promote Your Scope Follow Party!


1. Follow the Broadcaster so you get invited to future Promote Your Scope Parties – Click on the little person icon in the bottom right side of the screen, scroll down till you see the broadcaster’s name, then click on the “little person/plus sign” next to their name.

2. Tap on the screen tons to times to give hearts – it let’s the broadcaster know you are there, stream is good – and it’s like giving applause and giving love, thanks and gratitude to the broadcaster for doing all this hard work and giving you a valuable experience. You hearts will match the color of your picture when you comment. Blue colored picture = Blue hearts.

3. After you give about 500 hearts (2 mins of tapping) the hearts don’t count anymore – so exit the scope then come right back in and give another 500 hearts. Just keep repeating this method to be able to give hearts. When you give a lot of hearts, you often get the broadcaster’s attention. You can also screenshot how many hearts you gave (click on the little person in the corner and then scroll down to your name and take a screenshot and tweet to the broadcaster to show your love!) You can do this at the very end, or while live, or on the replay.

4. Post in the comment section what you scope about, or what you plan to scope about, or how you help people (your products or services) so people in the scope can see what you do. Post it at least 15-20 times cuz the comments go so fast, people miss many of them (they are also typing their own comments). You can just copy your comment then paste over and over again.

5. Post what you scope about/how you help people in a few different ways – say it in a few different ways cuz people will learn more about you and might end up following cuz of one of the ways you phrased it. 🙂

6. To Follow Someone: Tap on other people’s comments as they float up the screen, then click on View Profile, then you can follow them! Make new friends and build your community on Periscope.

7. To Message Someone In the Chat: Tap on other people’s comments and then click Replay to reply to them/speak to them on the screen with a Direct Comment. You can have conversations with others in the room and also get new followers and build community that way. Everyone can see your comment to that person, so it is public – but it is a great way to be seen as someone who is interactive and get more exposure!


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