Freedom Tribe

Before Your First Session

You should have received a Welcome Email with all the details of your Package. If you have not, please email to ask for it to be re-sent.

Please print out the agreement, sign and date, then mail the original to:

Dana Garrison
2370 Market St. Ste. 289
San Francisco, CA 94114

If we won’t receive your agreements before your first session, then please also reply to us FROM your Welcome Email and write: “I agree to all of the agreement sent to me in this email.” so you can join our next session without delay.

Please also fill in your Family Entanglement Questionnaire to the best of your abilities and have it with you during Freedom Tribe.

Post Session Integration


Here’s what to do after you receive Core Clearing Work (Family Entanglement Work, Childhood ReImprinting or other Subconscious Clearing Work).

There are 4 things you want to do to help integrate the work in the 2 weeks afterwards, and if you can continue it past 2 weeks, even better.


1. Drink plenty of water – to flush out the toxins, horomones, and other stuff that has been stored in your body, muscles and organs that was related to the Entanglement or Imprint. You can also eat more fiber, for the same purpose!

2. Get decent sleep – keep calm about it, just do your best. Your subconscious loves to process while you sleep so do your best to give it the opportunities.

3. Do something with your feet – walking, dancing, jogging, running in place…anything where you get to put one foot then the other on the ground. This is for Cross Hemispheric Integration. It helps both hemispheres of your brain process and integrate the session.

4. Follow Your Bliss – each day, do a little something that makes you happy or makes you feel relaxed. It can just be for 5 minutes, and it can be simple. Favorite snack, hot bath, good book, magazine, tv show, movie, walk, talking with a friend, playing with your dog. So long as it makes you feel happy or relaxed, it’s a go.


Adding these simple steps into your day will help you integrate the session we have done. And if you feel tired or anything unpleasant after a session, increase these 4 things to help the session process faster and to help flush out the toxins in your body that could be the culprit.

If you have any questions about how you are integrating, feel free to send us an email of give us a call. and 415-320-8010


Big Warm Hugs,

Dana and Team