If you found this page, then I met you and wanted to share these gifts with you!

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  3. Breakthrough Psychology – decrease procrastination, disorganization, self doubt, fears, self-sabotage



1. I run the Entrepreneur and Small Business Institute – and I want to gift you membership to the ESBI Training Portal.

It’s in pre-launch right now, so you get early access!

Currently we are in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and London, and growing.

There is a course waiting for you on How to Get New Customers Using 3 Minute Conversations, and more will be added.


You can also join one of the meetup groups for ESBI that is the closest to where you live.

Right now it’s free to join, and many of our events are free – get business training, networking, and more!

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2. Please connect with me on each social media outlet so you can partake in the raffles and contests I run, to win more gifts, get chances for free advertising, and join in the fun!

I’m not extremely active on social media yet, but I’m going to be launching the raffles and contests on social media soon, so connect with me in each place to increase your chances of winning and so we can stay connected!


3. Here’s articles on Family Entanglement Work and on Childhood Imprints – to help you uncover which ones you have!

I wrote these to help you uncover some of your own Entanglements and Imprints – so that you could begin to discover these yourself – something that I usually do with someone during a Discovery Session on the phone. This way, you can begin to get a peek into which of these Entanglements and Imprints are active in you, and holding you back from what you want.


4. Here’s articles on how Epigenetics works (one of the ways that Entanglements and Imprints get passed down from generation to generation).

BBC Health

Discover Magazine