Please read this WHOLE email, it has important info you or your guests may need.

1. Here’s the video from Session #1 of the Crash Course!

Crash Course Session 1

The recording the system gave us didn’t work, and it took 3 days of editing to fix it. I’m happy to share with you the final video, all fixed, and filled with my energy and love!

2. NOTE: The video expires in a week so be sure to watch it soon.



1. Do the session only one time, or else you erase the effect of the session and the results. I explain this in the video.

2. Also, do the session STANDING. Don’t lay down. If you must sit, sit on the floor, straight up without leaning back on anything.

3. Watch the video ALL THE WAY TO THE END. I teach you what to do to INTEGRATE the session and there is other important info too!

4. Don’t email Sean Donahoe – he simply owns the webinar system we are using. He is not part of staff.

5. Email us the first and last names of your guests, plus their email so we know who your guests are. If you are a guest, you also get to invite guests! We wanna make sure you have your tribe around you, so results are long lasting! FiIl out the form here: www.danagarrison.com/crash-course-resources


4. UPDATES: This week, as any shifts and breakthrus happen in your life (new thoughts, choices, attracting new people or situations) even the slightest shift, I wanna hear about it so I can keep my finger on what’s shifting for you.

Please update me at www.danagarrison.com/tribe

5. Download the Worksheets here: www.danagarrison.com/crash-course-resources


6. If you had trouble logging on to the webinar, here’s a video with instructions on how to get on the webinar/call: www.danagarrison.com/crash-course-resources

***If you call in using a phone, you must enter the AUDIO CODE plus # in order for your microphone to work. This code is shown to you once you join the webinar.


7. If you didn’t get the email from Sean Donahoe confirming your registration to our webinar system, please re-register yourself. There may be a typo in your email address: https://www3.gotomeeting.com/register/922976814


8. If you missed the Kick Off Event, here’s that video: http://danagarrison.com/crash-course-kick-event


9. If you have not submitted your vote for what topics I do the sessions on, go here and fill out the form:



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