Lyme Resources

1. OK – to get educated watch this – the Under Our Skin Documentary about Lyme:

a. See if it is free on Hulu, or order from Netflix if you have the DVD package
b. Rent it on Amazon Video for 3.99

c. About $4.99 on youtube unlocks it (perhaps permanently unlocked, not rented):

2. One of the Biggest Thing that Helped me that my Lyme Literate Dr said was profound in my healing was addressing the Family Entanglements and Childhood Imprints that kept the symptoms and illness in place. I’m running a crash course on that right now that you can attend for free:

4. You will need to get a Lyme Literate Dr.
If you don’t have one near you, then look for one that can see you over the phone.
Mara is a Lyme Lit Nurse Practitioner and you can try her –
This is a good starting point. 🙂
And check out some books below:




5. My Favorite Books on Lyme


a. MUST GET – if you get books, get these first – (I’ve read and used many protocols from these):


b. If You Want – get these later, or at the same time as the others – (recommended by my Lyme Dr but I have not read yet but I bought)