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How Periscope Works:

1. Scopes are live when they are live, then the replay is available for 24 hours.

2. You

3. When you hit broadcast – you are at the top of the list view and top of the map view. Your discoverability is at it’s highest – so make your first 6o seconds powerful. See Tips Below.

4. When you start your broadcast, twitter auto-posts that you are starting a scope.

5. Maps view – while live, you should show on the map, from the location you are broadcasting from, so folks can find you that way, but after about 10-15 mins it doesn’t show you anymore it seems.

6. Each viewer can give up to 500 hearts per login to your broadcast.

7. If you have trolls showing up, or people saying inappropriate things, click on their comment, then click block and they will be blocked. When you block a user on Periscope, that user will not be able to follow you or view any of your broadcasts, chats, or hearts in the app. You will also be unable to follow or see that user’s broadcasts, chats or hearts.

8. You can allow anyone to comment/chat or you can choose followers only.

9. Comments help to boost your scope. Hearts are like applause. Periscope keeps track of your lifetime heart score. It’s like social proof that you create good content.

10. To reply to someone else who is commenting, tap their name and hit reply. You can also view profile and follow them or block them!

11 Quite possibly the fastest growing app ever. Got to 1 million users in 1 month and that took FB 10 months. *************

12. To share a replay, click on it in the replay area, then click share, and grab the link to put in emails or other social media, and/or share to twitter.

13. You can look at map view and find scopes to watch in different parts of the world, or in your own country. Zoom in on the map to see more locations and choices.

14. If a broadcast is full and you can’t comment, just hop in and out of the scope until you can comment. Usually, only the first 100 people can comment, and if they leave, someone else gets their spot.

Tips for Periscope:

If you have any tips that aren’t on here, please email them to me using the contact form on this website. 🙂

1. At start, it takes 20-30 sec for first person to come into the room so use that time to say something specifically for the replay viewers. (Don’t bore replay viewers by just sitting and waiting for the first person to arrive when you are live)

a. Say who you are, what you do, what your shows are all about.

b. Also, say, Hi to replay viewers and tell them they can give hearts by tapping screen, even on the replay.

2. Don’t broadcast content that you don’t own, for copyright infringement. Technically that means no music that is copyrighted in the background. No live events, concerts, paid events, unless you have the promoter and the artist or speaker’s permission.

3. Always re-cap throughout the show for late arrivals. Also do quick review at the end.

4. You can save your periscopes to your phone automatically by choosing that in the settings of periscope. Choose Auto-save to phone.

5. You can use as a service – it will automatically save your scopes to their site, along with comments. This allows you to go back and see any questions you missed, and find people you might wanna connect with on twitter. It also allows your viewers to fast forward and rewind and watch all replays. They don’t expire on the site.

6. You can also find scopes to watch on: and

7. When you start your broadcast, twitter auto-posts that you are starting a scope. Don’t go live on the hour or on any 5 minute intervals (12pm, 12:04, 12:10, 12:15) because almost all the scheduled post programs that post to social media post at 5 min intervals. If you want your twitter post to be more seen, start in between the 5 minute intervals (12:01, 12:02, 12:03, 12:04) so that your scope post on twitter doesn’t get pushed down the newsfeed by all the other companies that are all posting at the five minute intervals.

8. Use a call to action in the title of your broadcast, it makes it more likely to be clicked on on both twitter and periscope. Things like: “click”, or “click here” or “right now” or “live” or “watch now” increase clicks by 35% more on twitter.

9. Tweets with hastags, gets more engagement – so put in your scope name = but only 1-2 hastags. Any more and it decreases engagement.

a. Before you go live, look at trending hashtags on twitter, use one of the trending hastags if it is relevant – it will get you more seen on twitter, and place you near the top of recent twitter hashtags.

10. Tweets with between 70-100 characters get the most engagement on Twitter. So keep your Persisope title less than 100 characters because twitter will automatically add these words: LIVE on , plus the link to the scope. So take that into account in your character count.

11. Pre-promote your Show on twitter: Let people know you are gonna go live in 1 hr, 30 mins, 15 mins, for example. Best to use an image that includes what your will be scoping about, plus the time you will be scoping in a few times zones, like GMT, EST, PST.

12. To do an interview in person with someone you can use this splitter to be able to plug 2 lapel microphones into your phone:

Rode sc6 = splitter to have 2 mics to do an interview

13. It’s fine to do a 1 hour show to give away content/tips. You can have scopes be sort or long, and some say, so long as you have folks still watching and/or engaged and asking questions, you can keep on going beyond 1 hour.

14. To see your hearts count while you are live, you can go to: and go to your profile, then keep refreshing. You can ask folks to give you a certain number of hearts before you give the next tip, or you can give the audience a heart goal, like 10,000 hearts, before you start your tips.

a. You can also break down a hearts goal for folks individually. You can say, there are 100 people watching, so if everyone gives just 100 hearts, we will reach our 10,000 goal.

15. If you have 2 devices, you can log in to your account on both while you broadcast, and then you can have a friend help you block trolls if necessary so you can just focus on broadcasting.

16. Tell people how to share your live broadcast and how to follow you. You can say: on an android, swipe up, on an apple device swipe left to right and click share and you can also follow me there to make sure you get notified of future shows.

17. Each viewer can give up to 500 hearts per login to your broadcast. If they reach their 500 limit, they can exit out of the broadcast, then come back in and they will have 500 more hearts to give.

18. You can get audience help with branding questions or things you want to post: Should I use this hashtag or the other? You can compose tweet with help of audience, then post the tweet and tell them all to go to twitter and interact around that topic.

19. You can tell the audience to tap their screen if they agree with something you just said, or if they feel passionate about something. It’s a way to get them engaged.

20. You can do giveaways when you reach a hearts goal – like, when I reach 24,000 hearts, I’ll give out a freebie on my website.

21. Some say there’s no best time of day to scope. They say – when you feel passionate, when you have something to say, that’s when it’s good to scope. Others say think about what time of day your audience is awake – depending on the time zone you live in, and where most of your followers live.

22. Troll policy = don’t give anyone a chance, if they say one thing bad, click on their comment, hit the block button. Don’t make a big deal of it, you can just do it without saying anything about it.

23. You can allow anyone to comment/chat or you can choose followers only. Followers only might encourage people to follow you, but it also might just turn people off and they might just leave your scope. You can experiment with it and see what you prefer.

24. A fun game you can do for a scope: Tell the audience: I need to go ask 10 people questions, you pick the questions and Ill go up and ask strangers.

25. You can ask people to share when you are towards the end of your show too. You can say: if you are finding this useful, please share this scope with your friends right now, they have 24 hours to watch replay. Please do this before I share the last tip.

a. When you ask people to share, tell them: If you share, please let me know in the comments that you shared so I can thank you!

26. Keep notes with you on what you are going to share as you are scoping. Because you might pause to answer questions and comments, you can lose your place. The notes help you stay on track.

27. You can use a wide-angle lens that clips on to your phone’s camera lens to fit more into the view when you broadcast.

28. Make sure you are well lit when you scope. Your phone has to work harder when in low light situations; it slows phone down, takes up more battery, and it is harder for periscope too. If you like you can get two big soft box lights.

29. Make sure your audio is good. Invest in a mic. Scope with bad video still can give good value if people can hear your content clearly. Scopes with bad audio are useless. Here’s a few great mics you can get.

30. Tell people what you are about to do before you do it. Let them know what’s coming up. Ex: Next Im going to share tip #2 but first Im going to take come comments.

31. You want a good internet connection to scope. You can test your connection on You want at least 2mb/sec to scope.

32. Ask for engagement while you are giving content. You can say things like: give a thumbs up in the comments if you liked that tip. Or give a smiley face in the comments if you are ready for the next tip.

33. You can meet and greet brand new viewers by saying: “Please type new in the comments if this is your first scope with me, I wanna greet you personally.” Then try to say hi to as many new folks as possible.

34. Tell people how to still get to comment live, if they broadcast is too full and the comment feature is turned off for new viewers: Say: Swipe up on an android, swipe left to right on an apple device, then click the share button. Then take out the text that periscope puts in the text box and instead, type your comment and put my twitter name @yourname. Then click send and I’ll see your comment on twitter. This is how you can still participate in the conversation live, without needing to leave the periscope app.

35. You should do at least 1 scope a day since your replay is only live for 24 hours. This way, when people click on your profile they will always have at least one scope to watch to see what you are about.

36. Reintroduce yourself every 3, 5, minutes if you have a short scope, maybe every 10 mins if you have a longer scope like 30 mins.

37. Choose a title that works for both live and replays. Don’t just say LIVE NOW

38. Whatever is on your back-facing camera should be a photo that explains what the stream is about. That becomes your thumbnail image for the next 24 hours.

39. When you do a live interview and you are flipping cameras between front facing and back facing, tell the person you are interviewing not to speak until a few seconds after you switch cameras, because the mic switches from front to back and you lose audio for a moment. You can signal them by holding your hand up in a stop sign, until you are ready for them to speak again.

40. Turn phone to “do not disturb” so a phone call doesn’t come in and end your scope.

41. If you are scoping from your house, you may want to turn off location because periscope will show your exact location on their service.

42. Never reveal sensitive info about yourself like your home address, phone number, etc. Cuz people can screenshot your scopes.

43. Be mindful of showing the front of your house or your street. Or even if you are at a specific location and you give that out (but you wouldn’t want people coming to find/follow you there).

44. If you scope that you are on vacation, mention you have house sitters.

45. To save your scope so you can go back and see comments, answer questions and have it for longer than 24 hours, sign up at (it’s free) or you can just add #katch in your title and make sure to tweet announce your scope, and match will tweet you a link to your saved scope. I like signing up and claiming my name asap so I can have a URL I like. Comments will be searchable soon. You can make them private, change their name, or delete them. It gives people the way to FF and rewind.



46. Make fonts bigger on your phone in order to have comments be bigger

47. Add your website URL into your bio. You are allowed 160 characters, but it doesn’t show all 160, show it within 117 characters.

48. using programs to find who to follow? (grow following this way?)

49. headline = 140 character, cuz they ass link, Compse headline in twitter first, and leave 43 characters left after headline.

50. Back facing camera is the start image and that becomes your thumbnail for your scope. Choose an image wisely.

51. 30 sec to amin waiting for Ps, preface what you’ll be talking about. then get to content.

52. Ask peeps to share.

53. Position yourself in the upper half of the screen cuz the comments block your face.

54. Don’t do the up the nostril show. Have camera at eye level. The rule of thirds =

55. Post broadcast – right away, grab screenshot of your stats. See which title did better than others, see retention rate. Save to drive or dropbox or some cloud. Save each video and put it right next to the screenshot of your retention page so you can see what you talked about in the ones that have the best results. Or just use cuz it has the video, the comments and the stats.

56. schedule your reply of your katch. Share it another time. You tell peeps it will go away in another 24 hours.

last hour for this scope, did you see this, 5 hours left, share on twitter multiple times thru the day, to get more replay viewers.

57. Put a little sticker near the camera to remind you to look at the camera.

58. Give value before you ask for the share, or for hearts.

59. Use keywords that apply to what you do on Periscope – that makes you findable – the words in your bio are searchable.

60. Put follow me on periscope with your handle, in all your other social media bios (linked in, facebook, instagram, pinterst, etc)

61. Use the same photo across all platforms so they can recognize you quickly and easily.

62. You need a hook in your title –

a. Include emojis – they attract attention

b. Use hastags – only 1-2 to get the most engagement in twitter

c. Use trending hashtags (if they are applicable) as a way to get new viewers from twitter

63. EX: fitness – Do 1 free show a day, 15 min scope, build a following, ps love your workouts, look forward to daily workouts. Look that was 15 mins, if you want 2 hour DVD, head to website, it’s $50.

64. Get followers and audience off of periscope and build your relationship with them in twitter, or FB, or your list. Have pre-show chat with your community on twitter, telling them what’s coming up, saying when you will be broadcasting. Then start building a VIP group on twitter. After the show, have post show chats back on twitter.

65. calm and headspace – get into the zone, flow

focus at = music that helps you focus

66 I believe I have some of the smartest people in my scope community. Meet each other, help each other. Make new friends.

67. Cover your FAQs, take people behind the scenes, ps love exclusiveness, ask them qs, show them around. do a product show, product demo, ask what like vs not like. Do a survey – do a thumbs up for….

68. 12pm PST, 3pm UK, 10pm UK time. Everyone can be on.

69. Introduce yourself in the beginning, tell people who you are, what you teach or do on periscope and outside of periscope.

70. Pre-promote yoru scopes on Twitter – Say in 50 mins (don’t name a time cuz can be diff across the planet, or give 3 time zones perhaps along with how many minus away.

71. Remember to smile. Be fun. Be real. Authentic. Be positive.

72. Re-introduce yourself throughout your scope. Maybe every 5-10 minutes.

73. We value your minutes and we value your megs. These are never more than 11 minutes.

74. humanize the brand, behind the scenes, build comm, meet ps in ground floor,

75. After every show, go to comments on, thank ps for coming to the show, refer people out, answer questions, say hi and engage. Be sure to tweet announce before you start your show.

76. Advanced: Think of what your background is, your lighting, your sound.

77. You can do practice scopes with 1 or a few others – when you go to broadcast, click the lock button, then invite just the few folks you wanna practice with, and do real practices as if you were live to the world.

how to share the replay




turn off notification, turn off email on phone, no unscheduled calls.

Protect Your A-Game

turn phone do not disturb on.

answer email in “gmail offline”. chrome extension –

slack for email

just in time learning – learn the thing just before you execute on it.

# 1 drug for productivity exercise and eating well, sleep



sleep smarter – book – sleep in complete darkness

cooler room. loose clothing. sleep cycle

don’t watch violence before bed – too stim – fight or flight

5 minute journal