What Industry Leaders Say About Working With Dana

“Dana’s Guidance and Friendship Allowed me To Accelerate Success and Optimize My Results…”

Sean Donahoe“I have be working with Dana for over 12 months and I am truly amazed at how the very focused results driven processes get things done faster than I could have ever imagined. Dana’s guidance and friendship allowed me to accelerate success and optimize my results and keep me focused on the most direct path forward. If you have a chance to work with Dana you should seize it with both hands…”

Sean Donahoe
Marketing Icon, Author and Speaker

JeffSlayter“After a few sessions, I worked less and my income doubled. I did a couple more sessions, then made $3 million this year…”

“Before I worked with Dana I was programmed to work really hard for money. I also went bankrupt and lost it all. I had to work really hard to rebuild again. After a few sessions, I worked less and my income doubled. I did a couple more sessions, then made $3 million this year. If I want results in my life I work with Dana.”

Jeff Slayter
Master Trainer Worlds Hidden Masters

What Dana’s Clients Say…


“Working with Dana for only a week, I created packages for my book coaching and consulting services, and made $10,000 with a new client”

“Before I started working with Dana, I didn’t offer packages, and didn’t know how to put my offerings together in a package that made sense to my business.”

“But after working with Dana for only a week, I created packages for my book coaching and consulting services, and made $10,000 with a new client. Working with Dana helped me be prepared and confident about asking for more than I’d ever asked for before. Thanks so much Dana!”

Beth Barany
Writing and Publishing Coach


See What Beth Says About Working With Dana


Bill Rossitto
Financial and Retirement Advisor


Jasmine-Ragoobeer“I love the shifts I’ve gone through due to the family entanglement workshops with Dana. My business have grown from a five figure to a six figure business. Also, I am more at ease with myself, and have learn’t to accept all of me.”

Jasmine Ragoobeer

See What Jasmine Says About Working With Dana

“Before working with Dana, I was having tremendous issues around my finances.”

“After one of my family entanglement workshops, the next day, the phone started ringing off the hook. I went from no money and difficulty finding a job to making 10K in one month. I am so eternally grateful for your work, Dana!”

N. N.
Financial Coach

NaomiColb“Before working with Dana, I felt like a failure and was in constant fear about my finances. I radiated low self-esteem, and had difficulty connecting with people. The results were disastrous in my personal and professional life.”

“After working with Dana for only a short time, I’m more relaxed, present and spontaneous, and people are attracted to working with me. A recent referral from a casual networking event effortlessly resulted in selling a $25,000 coaching package… and at 61, my social life is better than ever before!”

Naomi Colb
Professional Coach

“Before working with Dana, I was struggling to hit my goals in terms of new clients and monthly income.”

“After a few sessions with Dana, my business increased by 120%, and my monthly income tripled. I can’t thank her enough.”

W. R.
Financial Consultant

ChristinaWeyant“After working with Dana, something in me shifted. Both employees and clients are having a more positive experience at camp. I increased monthly sales by 24% in one weekend, and brought in long term partnerships with several new clients, ensuring revenue for the company. This will allow me to do more of what I love; leadership and team-building programs, which are my way of changing my world for the better, one person at a time!”

Christina Weyant
Program Director

“Since working with Dana, I left my previous dead-end job which I held for 9 years and found another opportunity with more room for advancement, better benefits and a increase in salary. Now I feel more confident and in control of my future.”

Lingyu Su
Financial Services

Shu-HsienHo“Before my working with Dana, I was always putting in long hours to grow my business and constantly thinking about how to generate marketing for new clients, new workshops, etc. There was always concern (and sometimes anxiety) about making enough money.”

“After just one weekend workshop, I found that I had a newfound freedom in my relationship to money, and therefore my attitude towards growing my writing coaching business. Suddenly, new leads for clients and offers to refer my services just showed up. One friend posted an ad within her company’s internal email network and I received 4 phone calls/emails within 24 hours. Two of the calls turned into actual students. This is just one example of ease! I am also in the process of collaborating with other coaches on joint writing workshops. Thank you, Dana, for bringing these results to my life!”

Shu-Hsien Ho
Writing Coach for Youth and Teens WritingCoachForTeens

“Dana’s poise and grace hallmark her special way of encouraging people to change their habits and their outlook. She uses a lot of metaphors and short stories to illustrate her points. Her teaching style is so inclusive, and is so respectful of people’s current ability. The information was explained and demonstrated very well, so her workshops are extremely effective. I was able to take the tools and apply them at home right away, and I got results. I could see how much a small change could affect a big outcome over time. Through these small changes, I became much more self aware. I recommend Dana Garrison highly to anyone who wants consistent, positive results.

Audrey Fairchild, Ph.D.

DJ_Sharu_Profile“Before Dana, I didn’t have a system for getting new clients, nor keeping clients for more than one session. This kept me constantly needing to find new clients and not having enough time to grow my business, create new programs, have more ease, and spend quality time with my son and my loved ones.”

“After working with Dana for only one session, I walked away with a whole new understanding of how my business could grow, and she helped me set it all up. Magically, before my eyes, I had brand new packages, brand new programs, and brand new pricing! My business is so much easier now, and I can give so much more of my gifts. I am now able to help my clients so much more fully while also helping myself have a much easier time growing my business. It’s a win/win all around. Thank you Dana”

Sharu Vedic
Astrologer, and Ayurvedic and Kundalini Specialist

Lynda_McDaniel“I’ve been taking part in the Entanglements and Imprints Crash Course. Thank you so much! I have thoroughly enjoyed it.”

“Since the course, I have felt a growing sense of optimism, and I’ve been sleeping better. Yay! I have also had a few potential new clients call “out of the blue.” And one former client called and signed up for more. That is exciting, and I’d love to do some more clearing to encourage even more. Many thanks. The Crash Course has been a great experience.”

Lynda McDaniel

AsaraTsehai“Before I worked with Dana I had 1 client in my private practice. I had others that would purchase my services one by one here and there. I was unsure how to package my private sessions and recruit new clients. I also have a natural skin care product that I launched about 3 years ago sales were only trickling in. I was also considering bankruptcy when I began to work with Dana.”

“After working with Dana I have a lot of clients now, and they all stay with me for 6 months or more. I now have a system that works for recruiting new clients. I have successfully packaged my offers in a way that has people saying yes. I now also have a monthly residual income being generated from my skincare business! She also has saved me over $10,000 for a year by helping me to design and implement a program that provides me with 20 hours of administrative support a week and costs no money. I am no longer considering bankruptcy! She is the first business coach that ever put money in my pocket!!!!”

Asara Tsehai
Founder, Ancient Treasure and A Touch of Life


Check out what Asara has to say here…

“I love the movement I got from the Family Entanglement Work weekend. I felt a really profound shift that I haven’t seen happen so quickly in other work. Thank you Dana.”

Nicole Edwards

“My experience with The Ultimate Disentanglement Experience was totally new. It was such a safe place to deal with the skeletons in my family system – even things I didn’t know anything about. Thank you so much for leading so excellently in this module of transformational change work.”

Karis Tang
Relationship Coach

“I can’t recommend Dana and her Family Entanglement work enough. I have had major breakthroughs with my health and my finances. It’s as if the road blocks simply disappeared.”

Shayla Mihaly

Case Studies

Dire Straits

A man contacted me one day who was really in a dire situation. He had fallen into a depression and hadn’t worked for 3 years. He was over $100,000 in debt, and his credit cards were maxed out. His home was about to foreclose. He no longer had any of the businesses he once owned. He felt stuck and didn’t know what to do.

I began to meet with him for one-on-one sessions. Together, we laid out some goals that he wanted, which included keeping his home, getting out of debt, and starting another business. He also wanted to set a larger goal of making $1 million in the next two years. I coached and mentored him on business, and worked on both his limiting beliefs and childhood imprints and his family entanglements. We also worked on organization, time management, prioritizing, creating systems, accountability structures, sales and marketing, speaking to venture capitalists, and communication skills. We worked on both the internal blocks and personal psychology and the real world skills that he needed to take it to the next level.

As a result of working with me, he started a company with a business partner and within a year and a half it was worth $4 million dollars. He kept his home and took care of the credit card debt. His depression lifted and he came to me with tears of joy one session, saying that he couldn’t believe how happy he had become. He felt ecstatic about how his life had transformed, how he had grown as a man, and how his business was thriving.

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