Rewiring Your Neurology

Childhood Imprints Guide

Here’s the first guide, it will help you decipher which Fetal Imprints, Childhood Imprints, Imprints States, and Money Imprints are holding you back. These neurological imprints are set in place in our youth.

Childhood Imprints

Family Entanglements Guide

Here’s the second guide, it will help you uncover which Family Entanglements you have that are holding you back. These are Generational Imprints that we inherit neurologically from multiple generations of the family tree.

Family Entanglements

The Family Entanglement Questionnaire

Here’s the Family Entanglement Questionnaire. It will help you uncover family history that you may never have heard before – important history to know because it has left an invisible imprint in your neurology.

The Family Entanglement Questionnaire

The Crash Course

Here’s a Crash Course on both Family Entanglements and Childhood Imprints!

If you’d like to chat with Dana about what it might be like to re-wire your neurology, and Re-Imprinting and DisEntangling, just shoot us an email using the “contact us” page, or send us a text, whatever’s easier: 415-320-8010 and we can make it happen!