The Mentorship Program


This program is extremely limited – it only has a few spots open and once they are filled, they remain filled until someone decides to graduate.

This is the most intensive training you can get in my programs.

Work closely with me, a 6 figure CEO and get mentored in how to set up and grow your business to 6 figures, or receive Family Entanglement Work and Childhood ReImprinting!

Features of the program:


Submersion Learning if You Want to Learn Business:

Learn by doing – see how I run a successful business

Learn systems, methods, skills, and tools to set your business up to be successful too

Then replicate the systems for yourself


You Get to Choose From (or get both, depending on your program):

The Freedom Tribe Group: Inner Game Success Work – Part of my two-fold path to 6 figures in a year. Root out the Family Entanglement, Childhood Imprints and other critical culprits that block money and business success. $897 per month is the normal price for this package.

Jump Start Your Cash Flow and Business Building Programs: Outer Game Success Programs – Get the Jump Start Your Cash Flow Program, the Create, Market, and Fill Your High-End Packages Program, the Speak Your Way to 6 Figures Program, and more.


What We Do In The Freedom Tribe Group:

Fetal Re-Imprinting: Heal and remove those limiting imprints from when you were in the womb.

Childhood Re-Imprinting: Heal and transform imprints that hold you back from your childhood.

Brain Hemispheric Work: Limiting beliefs and trauma are stored in each hemisphere differently and must be healed specifically and differently in each hemisphere. Get hemispheric integration so the two halves are no longer split and can work together to get the results you want.

Neurological Re-Paving: Neurons that fire together wire together, and they can create ruts of stuck habits, patterns, and unwanted results. Change your neurology, change your life: get the results you want by creating new neuropathways that create your results automatically, without you having to effort to be different.

Quantum Neuro Repatterning: Uses quantum physics and the principles of QP to heal the system and re-pattern the mind and body for your goals.

Holographic Neuro Repatterning: Uses the principles of the holographic nature of the universe & humans to work with and heal imbalances and problem states that prevent you from having the results you want.

Safety and Ecology Reset: If you can’t reach a goal or get the changes that you want, it is often because those changes and goals are coded as unsafe and out of your comfort zone. Reset your brain stem and unconscious mind so what you want is coded as safe for you to have.

Parts Work: Reintegrating hidden, vulnerable, and rejected parts of yourself, and calming protector parts so they don’t work in self-sabotaging ways, in an effort to protect your rejected parts (e.g. wanting something badly but having a protector part that builds a wall against having it, to protect your vulnerable parts from getting hurt, sadly stopping you from getting what you want.)

Timeline Therapy: Working with how your brain and body codes the past, present and future to get you the transformation you need, and the results you want.

“Past Life Regression”: Heal and learn from your past lives so you are no longer stuck repeating the same patterns over and over again. Whether this is “real” past lives, or the metaphors our brain stores information in, we don’t know, but we know that the work stops unwanted patterns in your life.

“DNA Recoding”: “Re-programming your DNA” with new instructions so that every cell that is born from now on carries out these new instructions.

Family Entanglements: What happened in your family for the last 7 generations or more can stop you from having the life you want and the healing you want now. If someone else didn’t have money or success, if someone else didn’t have good relationships or good health, then it can prevent you from having those things too. When a family member didn’t have success, money, good relationship or health, then about 25-30 people will also be “inherit” with that same limitation within the next 7 generations.

Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR): Heals Trauma and past pain through clearing the trauma and the effects of it using an eye or tapping reprocessing technique.

Be Set Free Fast: Neurological and Energy Therapy method for releasing traumas and limiting beliefs stuck in the subconscious mind.

Wealthy Mind Method: Utilizes how your brain codes the step by step process of success to re-code your brain towards something you want, but don’t have yet. Builds the neuropathways for success in your goal or desire.

Brain Gym: Educational Kinesiology. These activities recall the movements naturally done during the first years of life when learning to coordinate the eyes, ears, hands, and whole body.

Ultimate Manifesting Method: Brain and body-based method to get your whole system aligned toward what you choose to manifest. Re-Code your whole brain and body toward your goals.

Reiki and Seichim: Earth Energy and Water, Fire, Air/Ether Energy used for healing.

Clearing Work: Energy work used to clear layers of imprints, beliefs, and entanglements that are holding you back.

Ho’opo’opono: This method has been able to clear massive trauma and pain for many people. It has done miracles in prisons and mental health units for healing extreme trauma.

Hawaiian Huna Healing: Want the ties that bind you to people from your past and family members, to be healed, so that they no longer pull you down, hold you back? Here’s one way how.

Non-Violent Communication and Clarity Work: Become Ninja at Communication. Sidestep fights and learn to get your intended message heard. Learn to speak concisely and be clear. Keep peace and ease in all your relationships, business and otherwise.

You Can Clear Your:

Action Blocks: remove procrastination and disorganization and increase follow-though and taking action!

Behavior Blocks: stop bad behaviors and habits, and start new ones without even trying. You wont need to remember to be different, we set this on Autoplay.

Capability Blocks: create neurological pathways for new abilities: increase your confidence and self-esteem, and also have new abilities set in your neurology.

Belief Blocks: Your belief structures completely dictate what you attract or repel in your life. These limiting beliefs are the silent subconscious patterns that rule your life, that can deny you what you want. You often don’t know you have them. Get your unconscious beliefs to align with exactly what you want in life by clearing your belief blocks.

Identity Blocks: You are what you identify as. Your identity is often the most entrenched and stuck place in you…which doesn’t allow the changes you want to take place. If you want healing and transformation, if you want changes, make sure your identity is set up for it.



You get to grab one of the few coveted spots where you can do work/study for services!

I only open a few of these spots and they are filled until someone decides to move on from the program. There is no time limit for staying in the program. You can keep getting help as you build to 6 figures and beyond, or as you continue to clear out your inner blocks. The program is a year-long program, but people stay for continued support as they grow through each stage of becoming at 6 figure business, or get more of what they want in each area of their lives – income, success, relationships of all kinds, health and happiness.

For the “work” part of the work/study, you can do activities such as email and phone support, marketing support, business support systems, internet research support, blog and article writing support, powerpoint creation, graphic design, website support, and/or any other skills you can share! I’m looking for people who can help and support and work as an intern of sorts. Take a look at the list I just gave you in the first sentence of this paragraph and see which of those skills you possess, even at some level, and think of what other skills you might have that could be of service.

You would also assist at all live events (n person if you live near the Bay Area, and online for the virtual events). This is part of the Submersion Learning. Becoming successful s is much easier when you get more practice, with me as your guide.


Guess What?

If you are seeing this page you have been invited to interview for an opening in the Mentorship Program. Congrats!

Set up an interview appointment with Dana and get yourself set up for a win!