To Prepare for Your Session:

Congrats! You won a Private Session with Dana!

Please make sure to do these few things before your session so you and Dana can make the most of your time together!


1. Please read these two articles before your session with Dana.

They will prepare you for your session. Click on the links below.

Family Entanglements

Childhood Imprints


2. Please check out the reviews of Dana’s work so you have a deeper understanding of what working on your Family Entanglements, Childhood Imprints, and Business does – some real-life examples:



3. If you have time, please check out this video before your session and at least one audio:

Video on Family Entanglements

Audio MP3s on Family Entanglements:


Family Entanglements and Money:


Family Entanglements on Wish Radio:



Please enjoy these extra gifts as well, whenever you like!


1. Official Family Entanglement Questionnaire, you can fill this out before your session if you like:



2. Here’s More MP3s on Family Entanglements:


Family Entanglements on Wealth Builders Conference:

Family Entanglements short on Wealth Builders Conference:



3. Here’s a Special Report on growing your business and improving sales:

Article on Growing Your Business


4. Join the MeetUp for Free – Get Free Training and Free Speed Networking no matter where you live! We meet on the phone and we video our physical meetups!


5. Join our Facebook Group and be a part of our future raffles, games and prizes!!! Join and introduce yourself!


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