Welcome to the Affiliate Support and Education Page!

Thank You For Helping Us Spread the Word!

Here are your Tools and Resources:


Just copy and paste these emails, facebook posts, or twitter posts and enter your affiliate link in the <#affURL#> spot, and away you go!

Feel free to make the emails more your own, add your own sentences, change words around, or just use these as a guideline for writing your own emails and posts.

To find your affiliate URL number, look in the email that you received when you first signed up for our Affiliate Program. Instructions are in there. Here’s a re-cap

Login to your Affiliate Back Office Here: https://www.secureinfossl.com/affLogin/3381.html

Please follow these steps once you log in:

1. Click on the Programs button

2. Click on the magnifying glass to the very right of the program called: Gifts for Wealth Freedom and Fun

3. Scroll down towards the bottom of the page and click on the COPY button which will copy your Affiliate Link.

4. Send that link out in your emails, facebook and twitter messages.


Again, if you have any trouble with this, need the email sent again, or need help with any other aspect of helping to spread the word, please call us at: 415-320-8010

* * *

Here’s your pre-written emails and facebook/twitter posts. Feel free to adjust how you see fit!

Feel free to start your emails and end the emails how you like. I just started each example below with a simple “Hi!” and end without a sign off, so you can put what you normally put!

*If you plan to send an email to a group of people at once, it’s best if you put only about 3-5 names at a time (so the email doesn’t just go straight into your freinds’ spam boxes) and put their email addresses the BCC field (this way no one ends up getting access to other people’s email addresses)!


Email #1: $1 Pass to 2-Day Event – Short

Subject Line: I Have $1 Passes to Wealth, Freedom and Fun 2-Day Event!


I have some $1 scholarship passes to gift for the Wealth, Freedom and Fun 2 day event.

It looks really good.

If you’d like to go for $1, please visit this site and enter your email to get your $1 scholarship, plus other gifts!




Email #2: $1 Pass to 2-Day Event – More Detail

Subject Line: I Have $1 Passes to Wealth, Freedom and Fun 2-Day Event!


I have some $1 scholarship passes to gift for the Wealth, Freedom and Fun 2 day event, lead by Dana Garrison: <#affURL#>

Some things she’s covering at the live event that I got from the website:

Work on your Outer Game:

• Learn the 6 Figure Freedom Formula that Dana used to reach 6 figures in a year, while still getting to travel for 4 months.
• Grow your skills at marketing and getting more customers.
• Learn how to come away from networking events with a waitlist of people who want to talk to you.
• Get a roadmap for simple ways to market online and offline (for free or little cost!)

Work on your Inner Game:

• Transform your relationship with money.
• Discover and release hidden negative beliefs that have been sabotaging your success.
• Figure out the Childhood Imprints that may be blocking your success in life (and clear some away!)
• Learn how patterns from generations back in your family (around money, success, relationships and health) may be affecting you. (And clear some away!)
It looks pretty good.

If you’d like to get in for the $1 scholarship, please go here and enter your email: <#affURL#>


Email #3: My friend Dana is hosting a cool event – I have passes

Subject: I have a $1 pass for you to get into a cool event


I just found out about this event that my friend Dana is hosting: Wealth, Freedom and Fun!

She’s gonna be teaching what she did to reach six figures in a year (while she was chronically ill!)

She’s an awesome speaker and great at making an event educational, fun and transformational.

And she’s also going to take people through what she calls Inner Game exercises to remove internal blocks around money and success, and heal people’s relationship with money.

There’s alot more that she’s gonna do and teach at the event, but she’ll send you more info on that.

I have some $1 scholarship passes to gift for it.

Go here and enter your email to get the $1 Scholarship: <#affURL#>



Facebook/Twitter Post #1 – Cool Event

I have some $1 scholarship passes to a cool 2 day event: Wealth, Freedom and Fun: <#affURL#>


Facebook/Twitter Post #2 – Awesome Event

Dana’s giving away $1 scholarship passes to a cool 2 day event: Wealth Freedom and Fun: <#affURL#>


Facebook Only – Post #1 – 6 Figures

Want to structure your business so it can hit 6 figures? Get a $1 scholarship to www.wealthfreedomandfun.com: <#affURL#>


Facebook Only – Post #2 – Inner Work

Wanna work on your Family Entanglements, Childhood Imprints and clean up your internal relationship with money? That’s the focus of day 1 at www.wealthfreedomandfun.com. Go here to get the $1 scholarship: <#affURL#>


Facebook Only Post #3 – Family Entanglements

Wanna uncover generational patterns that are holding you back? That’s part of the www.wealthfreedomandfun.com event. Go here to get a $1 Scholarship Pass: <#affURL#>


Facebook Only Post #4 – Childhood Imprints

Ever wondered how your Imprints from Childhood could be holding you back? They’re covering that on day 1 of www.wealthfreedomandfun.com. Go here to get a $1 Scholarship Pass: <#affURL#>