IT’S DANA’S BIRTHDAY WEEKEND! We have a couple ways you can come celebrate AND get more exposure – it’s a win/win!
1. Join us on Blab today (1/29) at 4pm PST, 7pm EST 12am GMT and pop in to share how Dana has had a positive impact on your life, share some kind words, something you enjoy about her, a fave memory…subscribe here:­­AlmostPstrNate
2. We will do a Pass the Cast a couple times this weekend – email us and we will send you the sign up sheet.
3. Email us a written email or a video you take on your phone with a birthday message for Dana – share how she has impacted your life positively in any way, what you enjoy about her, a fave memory, etc. We will compile them into a montage!
4. Do a Periscope in your own time and put @DanaGarrison in the title, and send her your Birthday Message – be sure to have it saved to so that she can watch it even after it expires on Periscope.
5. If you want to send her something in the mail: Send to: Dana Garrison 4083 24th St #460565 San Francisco, CA 94114
Big Hugs!
Client Care Goddess