When You Speak On Our Stage You Get:

  • Exposure to all of our community members at our event
  • You can come home with new customers and leads to grow your business
  • You grow your list, and as you know, the money is in your list
  • You get advertising for your business and what you do
  • You can make new friends who become excellent referral sources or joint venture partners


To Qualify to be a Speaker on Our Stage:

If you’d like to speak on our in-person or virtual stages (we have chapters in SF, NY, LA and London so far), and come home with new customers and even international customers you’ll need to:

  • Become a regular part of our community and have attended at least 5 events before you speak.
  • Have brought at least 10 new guests to our events and helped to grow our community – they must join our community by clicking the join button on our meetup page.
  • Have done a Raffle or Table at one of our events and therefore gotten to speak to our community about your business (opportunities for this are available for each event, so you’ll have plenty of chances to sign up!)
  • Let Dana experience the program or service you want to sell so she can vouch for it’s quality, and send over some testimonials and a few clients phone numbers who have been in the program so Dana can chat with them about their experience. We cannot bring speakers in who do not have quality services or products as it will ruin the reputation of Dana and her network so we simply need to be able to vouch for you and your work.
  • Speakers do a typical 50/50 split of all revenue gained from the lifetime of the customers that they get from speaking at our events.


Fill Out Our Speaker Application:

Please fill out the Speaker App EVEN BEFORE you have done all the activities to qualify to be a speaker. You can fill it out first, and then begin attending some of our events and get known in our community.