FAQ Membership Site

If you have any questions or challenges with the Membership Site please see the FAQ below and make sure you’ve filled out the forms we need too!


1. Be sure you have filled out:

a. The Freedom Tribe Gold Club Agreement (start by inputting name and email, then get taken to the online signature page): https://www.docracy.com/linksign/0zourw94vdi

b. Your Goal Sheet Check In for me, Dana, so I can see everything you want to work on and where you are at with each goal now: http://danagarrison.com/check-in/

2. Every week, be sure to UPDATE ME as to even the tiniest seemingly insignificant change in thought or feeling or actions, or what you are attracting in your life at: www.danagarrison.com/tribe


Q: How do I login to the Membership Site?

A: Your username and password you chose when you signed up (your username is NOT your email address). If you can’t remember your username and password, do a search in your inbox for an email from: noreply@familyentanglementwork.com You should be able to find the email that the system sent you which has BOTH your username and password inside.

You can also search for an email with the subject line: Congrats – You are registered for Your Gifted Crash Course


Here’s a video showing you how to sign in, and where the sessions are located:



Q: Where are the sessions located?

Watch the video above.


Q: I can’t remember my password.

A: If you can’t recall your password, go to www.familyentanglementwork.com and click on the link below the login box that says “lost your password – click here”


Q: When do the new sessions come out, and how long are they active/available?

A: New Core Cause Session: 1st and 3rd Fridays of the month – they stay available for 2 weeks (giving you a little extra time!)

New Conscious Mind Alignment Session: 2nd and 4th Friday’s of the month – they stay available for 2 weeks (giving you a little extra time!)