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Check out these two quick guides! – Feel free to scan them – the Crash Course will give us time to dive deeper into these 2 Hidden Culprits that aren’t our fault, but that prevent us from getting what we want in life:

Guide #1

Guide #2

BBC Health Magazine Article on Epigenomes

Discover Magazine Article on Epigenomes

What the online “How to Get Unstuck and Finally Have What You Want” Crash Course is about:

Do any of these apply to you?

Have you been wanting to grow your business or income?

Have you been struggling to have what you want in the relationships in your life, personal or professional?

Have things not been going how you want them to with your health or body?

Have you been experiencing undesired moods or mindsets?

* * *

The biggest culprit is your Inner Game – the mental blocks you have with:

· making or having larger sums of money

· having a business/career that is fully successful (and all that entails)

· doing what you know you should be doing to move yourself forward

– having the health, body or relationships you want.

* * *

Your hidden Inner Blocks will cause customers and clients to say no to you, and not work with you or buy your product.

They can make your relationships and sex life not as fulfilling, happy, or easy.

They can make your body hold onto weight, pain, health issues.

Even with people who have the know-how, they get stuck in specific areas of their lives because of their Hidden Blocks.

* * *

How would you like to get rid of some of these Hidden Blocks?

In the Crash Course, You’ll:

Learn More about which Family Entanglements and Childhood Imprints are blocking you from getting what you want.

Have Breakthrough Revelations – once you can see the root cause, it won’t have control over you in the same way anymore

Receive a Session to Release one of these Hidden Blocks

*If the problems or struggles you’ve been having are persistent, or keep re-appearing, then this course is the answer. I’ve worked with so many people who have “tired everything” over the last 30-40 years to get the breakthroughs they’ve wanted and they couldn’t get their breakthroughs until they addressed their Family Entanglements and Childhood Imprints.

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