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Niche Interview Questions

Niche Interview Questions:


Specialties List

Specialties List Examples:


Client Agreement Examples:



Home Play:

  1. I left the niche interview questions up cuz we do need some of your past clients to answer those questions, or current. I know some of your clients may be busy, like the senator, so you may just choose a couple of the most important questions and ask them on the phone – record the phone session so you can capture the EXACT wording.
  2. Get the Niche Interview Questions filled out by past or current clients (maybe offer them a little small incentive to do so – something you can give to them or do for them in exchange for them taking the time). You can also try filling out the questions yourself what with you have heard people in your niche say, but try to recall exact words and phrasing you have heard. Maybe check old emails or phone call notes.
  3. Create Your first draft of your Specialties List.
    a. Use descriptive names for the bolded titles (something that people can instantly understand or intuit what they are getting, without needing to read the descriptions.
    b. Then put a colon and a couple description sentences of WHAT THEY GET. Not what you will do, but what benefits and results they will get.
    c. You can also use sections like I did – so a section for Audits, a section for Done For You, etc. Don’t use words like retainer – that is what the experience is for you – the service provider. Anything that is “customized,” “comprehensive,” or “done with you” or “done for you” – use those words. These are extremely valuable experiences you are giving your clients.
    d. When you chunk down, you might break things into bigger categories first, like Audits, Keyword List Development, AdWords Training, Ads Completely Done For You, for example, then break down into the smallest chunks, all the little things they get in each type of category. Remember, write what they get, not what you do. Not: I will do your keyword research. Instead: Get all your keyword research done for you!
  4. Create a draft of your Client Agreement.
    a. Some parts of these examples will apply to your business, while other parts may not (Like talking about not being a licensed therapist). Just pick and choose the parts that apply to your business. You can copy my paragraphs and sentences that work for you. Please text me if the doc doesn’t let you copy and paste. 🙂
    b. You will create different agreements for the different packages. Right now, the main thing that changes between agreements is just the part where you name the agreement, and the part where you list the package name and what they get and the pricing. Later on, when you start group coaching and online courses, there will be some additions we will need to make to your agreements.