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Here’s this week’s Level Up!

Niche Interview Questions

Niche Interview Questions:


High Value Packages

High Value Packages Examples:


Home Play:

  1. Get the Niche Interview Questions filled out by past or current clients (maybe offer them a little small incentive to do so – something you can give to them or do for them in exchange for them taking the time). You can also try filling out the questions yourself what with you have heard people in your niche say, but try to recall exact words and phrasing you have heard. Maybe check old emails or phone call notes.
  2. Come up with some sample Menus for us to go over together.
    a. In one example, your smallest might be an online video class, no group coaching, your middle would be video class WITH group coaching, and the top can be you take over and do their monthly upkeep – retainer.
    b. Another example which you can start right away since you dont need to film a course – smallest is group coaching, middle is 1-1 coaching, and top is you take over on retainer.
    c. Gifts and bonuses – you try to make some of them things that don’t take up your 1-1 time, like guides you write, videos or short crash courses you create. An audit might go here too, in one of your menu’s or an audit might be the smallest package in another sample menu.