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Metal G-Spot Dildo

Pure Wand Metal Dildo

This toy is beautiful, elegant and will last a lifetime! Made of stainless steel, it has two different sized bulbous endings so you can choose which size you want to be stimulated by. Your different g-spots may prefer one size over the other, so you’ve got variety! This toy is also great for practicing your Kegel exercises – for example – just place inside and practice squeezing your muscles in quick reps of 10, or hold the squeeze for long counts of time. It comes in a gorgeous case and of course, it also holds its shape which means you can give yourself or your partner firm pressure on the G-spot. The “C” shape allows you to use this toy on yourself with much greater ease than a straight toy – the C shape allows you to reach your g-spots easily without overextending your shoulder, arm or wrist. It gives you a lot of control over the angles, the pressure, and the sensation, which makes it a perfect g-spot toy in my book!



Acrylic G-Spot Dildo

Galaxy G Acrylic G-Spot Dildo

This is a G-spot dildo that I love. It’s made of acrylic, which means it holds it’s shape. The fact that it is “C” shaped helps you be able to use this toy on yourself. The angle makes it easier for you to push the tip of it into your g-spot so that you can get some really firm pressure if you like. The firmness of it also gives you a lot of very specific and direct control, which makes massaging your g-spot much easier. There are bulbs along the length of this toy, which can provide extra stimulation, especially right at the vaginal opening. As the bulbous parts pass by the opening, it can create some wonderful extra pleasure and sensation. This toy is also great for a partner to use on your G-spot. If you like a lot of firm pressure on your g-spot, your partner’s hand/fingers may become tired over time. This toy can come in and “save the play” by providing an easy to grip tool that allows your partner to also apply a good amount of pressure on your g-spot, if that is your preference. And it will give your partner’s hand and arm a well deserved break by changing up the position your partner’s hand and arm is in while stimulating your g-spot!


Liquid Silk

Liquid Silk Lube

This is my absolute favorite lube! It feels most like the real thing! Just like the name says, it is silky, and it doesn’t feel greasy or artificial like other lubes, and it doesn’t get tacky or goopy. All that wrapped up in one product is hard to find! I’ve tried so many lubes and this one comes out the winner, time and time again. I love that is comes with a pump top, because while you are playing, you can get more lube on your fingers using just one hand, instead of needing to grab a bottle with one hand and pour it onto the other. This means, you get to keep playing and smoothly reach over and get more lube without interrupting your play! Very slick – very “Bond, James Bond.”